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Fauna Spotter Catcher Course Update

Craig Adams - Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Update our Fauna Spotter Catcher Training courses for work in the mining and construction industries is now Accredited!  

Created by SSSAFE and Kleinfelder, in a VET partnership with RTO Risk Response and Rescue (RR&R) our intensive FSC training program is the ONLY one of its kind - offering a suite of Nationally Recognised, certifiable skills and competencies to prepare the FSC for work. 

Ecologists and anyone wanting to progress in the S/C industry will need to show they have sufficient animal handling skills and mine site safety and awareness.

Spotter Catching is unlike normal ecological survey work.  It can be very demanding and potentially very dangerous.  As the image depicts the S/C can really have their hands full.  It is not just the animals either, which usually includes lots of venomous snakes, the S/C must also coordinate heavy machinery, mine site workers and contractors, and develop the ability to form on the spot risk assessments.  There is simply too much at stake to get it wrong.


The course runs for 2.5 days and is very, intensive and HANDS-ON.

If you are looking to:

  • Improve manual handling skills and husbandry knowledge for a range of native fauna, typically encountered by S/C’s, including snakes and large goannas;
  • Develop analytical, technical, identification and observational skills for better decision making, better judgement and a safer work place; 
  • And prepare yourself to meet stringent safety demands and performance criteria for S/C Work in the mining and construction industries - this course is a must!
View our training video:

Maximum of 12 per session.  Participants must be 18 years or over.

About the Author - Craig Adams

Craig is a venomous snake expert and former Operations Manager for the Australian Reptile Park. With his wife Jackie, Craig has travelled to remote areas of Australia in search of venomous snakes and spiders for inclusion in the Reptile Park's venom collection program for scientific purposes and for the collection of new data on endangered species. Craig has featured in numerous National Geographic and Discovery Channel programs on the world's most venomous creatures. He worked alongside Steve Irwin as a consultant on his film "Oceans' Deadliest" and continues to work periodically with Steve's best friend John Stainton in an advisory and "to camera" role. Together with Jackie, he has also starred in numerous other television, print media and documentary films and is acknowledged by his peers as the "go to" person in this field.

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