Fauna Spotter Catcher Training

Created by SSSAFE and Kleinfelder, our intensive Fauna Spotter Catcher training program is the ONLY one of its kind – offering a nationally recognised accreditation on completion.

The SSSAFE Fauna Spotter Catcher training program is a 3-day intensive, hands-on course that gives participants access to live animals and training guided by experienced professionals. The course provides a focus on:

  • Improving fauna handling skills and general husbandry knowledge for a range of species typically encountered in the field;
  • Fauna management and legislative requirements;
  • Developing analytical and observational skills for better decision making to create a safer workplace;
  • Safety standards for Fauna Spotter Catchers in the mining and construction industries;
  • Highlighting the importance of communication and teamwork to the Fauna Spotter Catcher role;
  • First Aid and Snake Bite response procedures.

This course is suitable for beginners right through to experienced ecologists and fauna spotter catchers looking to upgrade their skills and gain a competitive edge. For training costs and information contact us.

Successful trainees will be accredited for units of competency pertaining to the Respond to Wildlife Emergencies: AHCFAU301A which allows for capture and relocation of fauna that is at risk. All applicants who are deemed competent at the completion of the course will be issued with a National Accreditation in accordance with the Australian Quality Training Framework. The RTO assessing competency and issuing the certificate is Walan Miya, RTO Id 21359.