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Safety Awareness Seminars & Toolbox Talks

Experience our licensed, professional seminars designed and presented by industry experts.

Safety Awareness Seminars & Toolbox Talks - copy

SSSAFE provides qualified and experienced Fauna Spotter Catchers for the Construction, Mining and Gas sectors.

Safety Awareness Seminars & Toolbox Talks - copy

SSSAFE offers a Nationally Accredited Program (AHCFAU301A Respond to Wildlife Emergencies) designed to prepare you to perform safely and competently in the Snake Catcher role.

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Welcome to SSSAFE

SSSAFE provides an array of professional fauna services for the mining, construction, private and ecological industries, including:

  • Provision of Qualified and Experienced Fauna Spotter Catchers;
  • Nationally Accredited Fauna Spotter Catcher Training Courses;
  • Accredited Venomous Snake Handling Courses;
  • Snake and Spider Safety and Awareness Training Seminars & Toolbox Talks;
  • Wildlife Consulting for Businesses;
  • Specialised First Aid Equipment, including SMART Bandages and First Aid Kits.

Designed and presented by industry experts, SSSAFE offers professional and cost-effective fauna training and safety programs that can be customised to suit your needs. Contact us to have your specific safety, environmental and wildlife requirements met.

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